98 gal. Tall Natural Gas Water Heater Kenmore 33800


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Kenmore 98 gal. Tall Natural Gas Water Heater Light Commercial

Model# 33800

New in box with warranty, CM1970

Kenmore — trusted in the homes of more than 100 million Americans. The Kenmore 33800 98-gallon light commercial-capacity natural gas water heater has seven temperature settings. The energy-efficient foam insulation helps keep the water hot. This light commercial-capacity water heater has a long-life burner and energy-saving pilot. It has a non-electric control system that shuts off gas supply in the event of a pilot outage. The glass-lined steel tank also includes an anode rod, providing protection against corrosion and a longer tank life.

  • Glass-lined steel tank with anode rod protects against corrosion
  • Energy-efficient foam insulation helps prevent heat loss
  • Factory-installed temperature and pressure safety valve
  • Long-life burner and energy-saving pilot