33.5-in wide x 41.5-in tall Pella Single-hung REPLACEMENT Series 250 – white and brown


Replacement window

White interior, brown exterior

other sizes available

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Pella Single-hung REPLACEMENT Series 250 windows

33.5-in wide x 41.5-in tall (qty 2)


also see CM2549  Window 22.5 x 58  and CM2551 Window 42 x 58

also available

White Interior with Brown Exterior

White flat grilles between the glass (white inside and outside)

White cam locks

Single screen

Single-hung windows are sometimes preferred by owners of historic homes for an authentic look.

Single-hung windows are comprised of two panels, or sashes, but only one of those panels is operable. These windows can be raised from the bottom for ventilation while the top sash remains stationary. The difference between a single-hung and double-hung window is the operation of the sash. With a single-hung window, only the lower sash slides up and down. With a double-hung window, both sashes are operable.

  • Classic look
  • Easy operation
  • Low-maintenance

Pella Series 250

A higher quality look than ordinary vinyl.

  • Full frame profile with edge detailing. A more stylish design than ordinary vinyl windows.
  • Attention to detail. The interior sash corner welds on Pella 250 Series products are less visible than on typical vinyl, for a more attractive look.
  • Dual-color frame option offers White interiors with a Brown exterior
  • authentic look of individual windowpanes or grilles-between-the-glass to create a smooth glass surface that’s easy to clean.

They stand up to weather better and last longer than ordinary vinyl products.

  • Outstanding weather resistance. Weather-repel design channels water away from the home.
  • Stronger than ordinary vinyl. Multichambered vinyl frames and reinforced sashes are 52% stronger
  • Fewer worries about warping, sagging or bowing vinyl. Precision welding process helps ensure windows will resist warping or twisting over time.