2-in Orbit Pop-Up Sprinkler 8-12 feet # 54281


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    2-in Orbit Pop Up Adjustable Sprinkler 8-12 feet – 54281

    Model # 54281

    New, 3 available


    Orbit’s 400 series offers an extensive line of innovative spray heads for turf and shrub applications. Ideal for use in residential and commercial landscapes, the 400 series handles the most intricately designed, high maintenance areas with ease. The 400 series is easy to adjust even when the water is on. The pattern adjusting nozzle, allows easy water control and spray direction. It also features an anti-drain check valve for keeping the water from draining onto sidewalks, creating slippery hazards or wasting water. The 5400 series offers a molded, pressure activated wiper seal that stops excessive flow-by and cleans the stem upon completion of watering. The factory installed dual-port flush plug provides for easy clean out and easy access to nozzle installation. The 400 series body attaches to a 1/2 in. pipe thread riser for easy installation.

    • For medium size yards — Spaces 8′ to 12′ apart
    • Easy to adjust nozzles (25°-360°)
    • Superior Molded, pressure-activated wiper seal prevents leaks and seals the internals from debris
    • Heavy-Duty stainless steel spring assures complete sprinkler retraction