36-in KitchenAid 5 Burner Gas Cooktop with Downdraft Exhaust Stainless Steel KCGD506GSS


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    36-in KitchenAid 5 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop with Downdraft Exhaust

    Model #KCGD506GSS


    This 36” gas cooktop includes Downdraft, an integrated ventilation system that doesn’t require a separate hood. The cooktop features a 17K BTU professional burner to achieve both high heat needed for searing and low simmer settings. The 5K BTU Even-Heat™ Simmer Burner enables precise simmering and melting while the 300 CFM exhaust rating means the venting can handle it all.

    • Downdraft ventilation captures smoke/odors at the surface
    • 17K BTU burner allows high temperatures for searing as well as low simmer
    • 5K BTU Even-Heat™ simmer burner with a diffuser plate
    • 300 CFM exhaust rating handles the venting requirements of high temperature cooking techniques like pan searing and stir-frying
    • 3-speed fan control can be precisely matched to cooking needs, effectively removing steam, grease, and odors from the air
    • 15K BTU Professional burner reaches the high temperatures required to quickly get liquids to a boil and for high-temperature cooking techniques including getting a great sear on meat
    • Convertible to duct-free ventilation – allows a downdraft cooktop to be placed nearly anywhere in the kitchen using a duct-free conversion kit (sold separately part# JDA7000WX) Can NOT be installed above a wall oven.
    • Melt cap – melt chocolate or butter, simmer delicate sauces, or poach eggs on a low-power burner, thanks to a wider burner cap that shields and diffuses the flame to produce a gentler, low-power heat
    • Electronic ignition and automatic re-ignition lights burners with an electric spark instead of a pilot light – for more reliable performance, burners are relit if the flame is blown out

    Common Cooktop Size   36 inch

    Burner Grate Material    Cast iron

    Burner Type       Sealed

    Power Burner (15,000 BTU+)

    Melting Burner

    Continuous Grates

    Simmer Burner

    Ignition Type      Electronic

    Auto Re-Ignition

    Convertible to Liquid Propane    (conversion kit sold separately)

    Control Location               Front right

    Cutout Height (Inches)  16

    Cutout Width (Inches)   34.75

    Cutout Depth (Inches)   19.9375

    Control(s) Color Stainless

    Downdraft Exhaust

    Burner #1            12500 BTU Standard

    Burner #2            10000 BTU Standard

    Burner #3            5000 BTU Simmer

    Burner #4            17000 BTU Power

    Burner #5            15000 BTU Power

    Control Type      Knobs

    Actual Depth (Inches)    21.5

    Actual Width (Inches)    36

    Appliance Color/Finish   Stainless steel

    Fuel Type            Natural gas

    Minimum Assembled Height (Inches)      6.59

    Maximum Assembled Height (Inches)     18.4375