Charlotte 6-in diameter PVC Pipe coupling PVC 00100 1600


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    Charlotte Pipe 6-in x 6-in Dia Schedule 40 Coupling

    Model #PVC 00100 1600


    Charlotte Pipe

    Model #:PVC001001600HA

    Color: White

    Weight: 2.4 Pounds

    Product Dimension: 7.3 X 7.3 X 6.3 inches


    5 available

    PVC fittings are for drain, waste and vent purposes. They are used in gravity-fed waste elimination systems and are for Non-Pressure systems where temperatures will not exceed 140РF. PVC is lightweight and easy to install. They require no special tools for cutting, and be installed with solvent cementing, threading, flanging, and roll-grooved joining.

    • Conforms to meet standards: ASTM D 1784, ASTM D 2665, ASTM D 3311 and NSF 14
    • Used to join two pipes together; extend pipe
    • White Fittings used in sanitary drain, waste, and vent (DWV), sewer and storm drainage applications
    • Not intended for pressure use
    • Maximum working temperature of 140°F
    • Require no special tools for cutting and to be installed with solvent cement
    • Made in the USA

    UPC: 0611942031931