30-in Vent A Hood magic lung BH128SLD with wood cover


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    Vent A Hood Wall mount range hood liner
    Model BH128SLD – stainless steel
    300CFM B100

    Range Hood 28 3/8-in x 19.25 x 12
    Custom tapered hood cover 30 x 36 x 21 Maple, Green smooth finish
    Made in USA
    Use with 6-in ducting

    See, hear, and experience the unique performance advantages of cooking ventilation delivered by the patented and proven Vent-A-Hood® Magic Lung®.
    •Grease Capture Technology. Keeps the home environment fresher and cleaner. Extracts over 99 percent of cooking grease, steam, and odors. The collected grease in the EZ Clean tray is ready for quick and simple cleaning.
    •Reduced Noise Design. The most quiet, high-performance blower system available today, reducing ventilation noise as much as 50 percent. Visit www.ventahood.com to hear the difference.
    •Sensa Source™ Heat Sensor. Exhausts excess heat from the cooking area. When heat levels rise on the cooking surface, Sensa SourceTM activates an automatic increase in blower power.
    •Fire Safety. The Magic Lung® is engineered to prevent grease and fire from entering the range hood ductwork. Vent-A-Hood® has never received a report of a fire in the attic or a kitchen wall when the Magic Lung® has been in use.
    Tests prove the Magic Lung® system is the quietest ventilation available. Because the air flow is not obstructed by traditional baffle or mesh filters, the Magic Lung® can out-perform the competition while remaining whisper quiet.
    With a slide-to-remove collection tray and latch system main housing, cleaning the Magic Lung® couldn’t be easier.
    The patented Magic Lung® cetrifugal grease extractor collects 99% of grease 100% of the time. Laboratory testing of screen and baffle filters show only 30% of grease is collected during typical residential cooking.
    The large active canopy is able to collect contaminants while the Magic Lung® draws them in for elimination. A proper collector is the most crucial element of good cooking ventilation. The competition cannot match the holding capacity of a Vent-A-Hood®.
    Each Magic Lung® blower supplies 300 CFM of airflow.